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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Happy Father’s Day

The explosion box makes a great gift for just about any occasion.  My eldest daughter, Rachel, and her roommate from college made these for their dads.
The explosion box gives you 3 layers for a total of 12 spaces to put pictures and/or journaling.  In the center of each is stamped “Happy Father’s Day”
A great gift for men.  Once you have closed it up and decorated it like a gift, it is the perfect scrapbook to sit by dad’s computer, or on his desk or a shelf.  Ready to show off his family but without all the scrapbook frills.
You can find the instructions for the explosion box at the bottom of this post.

God Bless,
stewartsiggy (4)
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Susan Carlson said...

I'm gonna have to make one of these boxes some day. Glad to see you posting again : )

Linda Callahan said...

These boxes are such fun! very cute! And I am so happy to be the Diet in your Coke :)