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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Christmas ~ Life Changing or Life Draining!

If there are issues with the video please visit www.adventconspiracy.org to view it under their videos. You can also try replaying it here to clear up any pauses.

Do you remember Christmas in the book Little House in the Big Woods? I've always dreamed about having a Chirstmas that simple. Gifts were hand made and cherished, time was spent as a family, there was no high speed race to attend every Christmas event. It almost seems an impossibility to do anything as radical as that!

This is how Christmas goes around our house. My neighbor and I love to plan for the holidays this time each year. We make lists of gifts to buy saying as we do every year, "Our kids really don't need anything". We plan for special foods or desserts we want to cook, homemade gifts we want to make, people we want to remember, special trips we would like to take or holiday activities we would like to attend. As Christmas approaches we stress and go faster to get everything done. By the time Christmas is here, we can't wait until January arrives and everyone goes back to school. Whew! glad we got through that Christmas!

Once again we are at the cross roads of another holiday season! I'm excited that this year may be simpler, may be more handmade, may be more sloooowwwwweeeedd down. If you find yourself in the same boat as my family, I encourage you to take a look at the Advent Conspiracy videos and site and as a family decide what you can change to make a simpler Christmas for yourself and a lasting Christmas for someone else.

From now until Christmas, I'll be posting projects each week of handmade gifts you can make and give. I'd love to hear your ideas for gifts you will be giving this year. If you would like to share your ideas please leave a comment below!

Thanks, for stopping by and I look forward to hearing your comments.

God Bless,


Happydaymom said...

One of the gifts I give is homemade jam. I make it during the summer. This year I even decorated them before putting them up...that way I can just grab one and put it in a bag. That will be great for Christmas if I can stop grabbing them and giving them away during the Fall!

Susan Carlson said...


I had trouble viewing the video, so I went directly to that web site. I had never heard of this organization, but I've been saying basically the same thing for YEARS! Jesus is the real reason for Christmas.

Patti J said...

Thanks Martha!

Mary Fish said...

back to basics is my mantra . . . great post. m

Anonymous said...

Hi, I live on those words & try to repeat them to those around me.
Thanks Martha.

Rosemary said...

Martha, I love the idea of simplifing our life during Christmas! I had a thought while viewing the "advent" video when it mentioned "time." I thought for two of my granddaughters I could buy tickets to a fun live show in Chicago, take them down on the train and spend some quality time with them. Yes, I will be spending some money, but it won't be spent on a toy that will get tossed in the toy box and not seen again till summer...or ever! Thank you for sharing!