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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Wrapping 101: #17 ~ Sparkly & Bright ~ Tiny Takeout Boxes

These adorable Tiny Takeout Boxes are perfect as a special treat on a co-worker's or teacher's desk or a favor at a dinner celebration. I'm sure you can think of some great uses for these yourself.

I found this project from Beate Johns. The box is about 2 1/2" square and widens out at the top a bit. It's large enough to hold about 16 Kisses.

The little "snowflake" decorating the fronts is from the Sparkly & Bright stamp set. I used Irridescent Ice to make them glitter; I love how they turned out. Wish my picture was a bit clearer but, you get the idea.

All project information will be made available October 16, the end of the challenge. Hope you can check back tomorrow for more Wrapping 101!

God Bless,


Haley D. said...

Very cute! I can't wait to check out all your posts. Thanks!

MsJay said...

I love all your projects on this page.

Melissa said...

Those are very cute! Love em!

Cards by Gina said...

Another great project! How much will it cost to purchase the PDF file on Oct. 16? I just love everything you're doing here.

Kellie said...

Love your ideas,,can't wait till the 16th..wish it was sooner...

happy stamping, Kellie

Kris Kilcoyne said...

So cute! Love these teeny boxes.

Thanks for sharing all of your ideas. It's so fun checking your blog.

Patti MacLeith said...

Adorable is right! I am loving your wrapping 101, Martha!

Mary Fish said...

That's a lot of kisses. Thanks again for another wonderful way to "wrap" up for the holidays. Hugs, Mary

Carla Bazhenow said...

I love the take out boxes... how cool. Perfect size for those kisses, one of favorite Hershey chocolates. Okay I love anything Hersheys.