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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Coming Tuesday! Wrapping 101

How can you disguise treats? Well, Lucille Ball and Ethel decided to eat them. If you have never wathched this episode, you are missing a classic!

Beginning Tuesday, September 15 and running until Tuesday, October 15 we are going to see how many ways we can disguise and decorate treats. The title of this project is Wrapping 101 (or 101 Ways to Wrap Candy). I'm not sure if we will make it to 101, but it will be fun trying.

The purpose of this challenge is to put together a collection of projects around any kind of edible treat you might give away as a favor or gift. The projects posted as part of this challenge will be centered around a specific occasion or holiday. But, these can be easily adapted for any holiday or occasion by changing the paper, stamps or embellishments.

I would love your help. If you want to share an idea, send me a picture, supply list (or recipe), and instructions by email to . If I use your project, I will post it giving credit to you and will link your blog if you have one. Once the challenge is completed, I plan to create a summary project publication for download. If your project is used I will get you a free softcopy of this publication. By sending me your project idea, you agree that I can use it without stipulation. If I use the project in the publication, I will give you credit.

Also, if you are around the Melbourne Florida area on Sunday, September 27 join me at the Holiday Open House. You will get a chance to see all the Wrapping 101 projects to date! View my Events Schedule for more details.

I'm looking forward to the next 30 days. Come back and visit often to see what treat we are hiding!

God Bless,


Ann Schach said...

Hey, Martha! I love Melbourne, as you know! Too bad that I am not going to be in the area! I would have loved to stop by your Open House!

Primitive Seasons said...

I'd love to contribute a recipe and it's an easy one. Take a package of vanilla candy melts and melt in a double boiler. When completely melted, add one 1 pack of candy canes which have been crushed coarsely. Mix well and pour out on a long strip, maybe 3' of wax paper on your kitchen counter. When cool, break into bite size pieces. I call it Peppermint Bark. It's delicious! Would be great in a small box or gift bag!

Good luck on your project. I'll be tuning in!!!


Julie (Joypup on SCS) said...

I just shared your blog as a bookmark on my facebook page -- love that feature. I think your Candy Wrapping 101 feature is GENIUS -- good for you. Someone on SCS posted a link to your blog, too. So, I hope you get lots of visitors.

I appreciate all you are doing!

godin.m said...

sure hope I can fine the way to follow your project's developpement. I'm a sucker for this kind of stuff!