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Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Birthday Margaret!!

Today is my one of my sweet sister's birthday. She was born on Halloween and has beautiful red hair! This is an old picture of we "three girls". We're not saying how old, you will have to guess. We were camping which we often did and our mom made us "leaf" dresses. I have never met anyone else who has worn a leaf dress before. Are we the only ones? Margaret is the one to the left, I am in the middle, and my sister Elizabeth is on the right. I love this picture!

Happy Birthday Margaret! So what is in the box? Since I couldn't get it to you on time I thought I would post it here and add to the mystery. Hope you have a wonderful day. Love ya!

Michele also sends a special hello. This is the first pumpkin she has designed. And no those aren't fangs they are her teeth!

I had to add these guys to the post too! Aren't they just too "stinkin' cute"? These ideas came by way of ChicknScratch. They were throughly enjoyed by the kids and me!


Maggie Massey said...

Thank you for the great note.
That is such a great picture. I still have great memories of that trip.
I have asked a lot of people at my quilting trips and I have never found anyone who ever did.
As for that pic of "little girl" Are you sure those aren't FANGS . There are a large amount of vampire books out there as well as a tv show.?
OH great pumpkin!!!!!