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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Extended Coffee Break

I'm taking a break to finish our home renovations and take care of my family. I plan to be back next Monday. Thank you again for stopping by and leaving your comments. Your interest and encouraging words has been a blessing in my life!

God Bless,


Patti MacLeith said...

Can't wait until you are back, Martha!

Ann Schach said...

We'll be waitin' for ya!

Anonymous said...

good for you!!! enjoy your break
kim H.

Yvonne Wilson said...

I miss you and all of your great ideas. You help me get out of my stampers block. Have a great coffee break and we will see you when you are ready.
God Bless you too!

Mary Fish said...

Do you promise to share pix . . . I'm going to guess it's drop dead gorgeous (at least when it's done). Have fun chasing drywall dust! Hugs, m

Carla Bazhenow said...

Ugh, drywall dust... ucky!!! Enjoy your time away and yes, we want pics. Hugs,

Verna H said...

Hurry back, Martha!! Love visiting and seeing your lovely cards and ideas.